Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to the course

    2. Before we begin

    1. What is the UNFCCC?

    2. The Kyoto Protocol and its market mechanisms

    3. The Paris Agreement

    4. Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

    1. Article 6.2: Cooperative approaches

    2. Article 6.8: Non-market approaches

    3. Article 6.4: UN mechanism for climate change mitigation and sustainable development

    4. Further reading

    1. To sum it up

    2. Self-Assessment

    3. Download course presentation here

    4. Farewell gift!

    5. Before you go

About this course

  • $45.00
  • 15 lessons
  • by Climate Action Unit
  • Release date: 03/07/2023
  • English, Spanish, French & Arabic

What learners think about the course

5 star rating

Good overview of Article 6 of the PA

Michael Hönes

The sections were very much on the spot. Each word is very carefully selected and missing one word or part of a sentence, the information is less beneficary to the reader, One needs to listen to the section several times to allow absorption of all...

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The sections were very much on the spot. Each word is very carefully selected and missing one word or part of a sentence, the information is less beneficary to the reader, One needs to listen to the section several times to allow absorption of all the info and the charts, tabs. The download of the material at the end of the course allows reading the sections again at any time. Very good.

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What this course includes

ALLCOT Academy provides you with additional content available in the course the moment you enroll.

  • Completion Certification

    By the end of the course, you will get a certification that can be downloaded and shared via any social network.

  • ALLCOTpedia

    The course includes a free downloadable comprehensive glossary of the most relevant and challenging vocabulary related to climate change and sustainability.

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    You will be able to get a profound understanding of the topic in short time due to the effective material delivery, interactive activities and the opportunity to follow the course in your own pace.

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Course languages

The original language of the course is English. Subtitles and downloadable course presentation are also available in the following languages:

  • Spanish

  • French : coming soon

  • Arabic : coming soon

Your Instructors

Sergi Cuadrat

Vicepresident for Climate Action 

Member of the User Forum Climate Action Data Trust and Co-chair of ICROAs Technical Working Group. He is an expert in strategic goal setting to ensure that ALLCOT is leading the implementation of the Paris Agreement rulebook (Article 6.2, 6.4 and 6.8) and the 2030 Agenda (SDGs) to combat climate change in both voluntary and compliance carbon markets.  

Experience in providing leadership, management and vision as well as oversight of the technical and business development divisions providing services to companies starting from carbon footprint to long term emission reduction targets, including GHG project development. His leadership and enthusiasm have created and continue shaping internal operations.

Diana Guzmán

Article 6 Expert

Director of the Climate Action Unit in ALLCOT.  She is an Expert Reviewer in the transparency processes conducted by the UNFCCC Secretariat for the Paris Agreements and the Kyoto Protocol, including the upcoming Technical Review of the Biennial Transparency Report of the Enhanced Transparency Framework. Diana is also a Climate Policy Expert of the newly formed Article 6.4 mechanism Roster of Experts of the Supervisory Body. She has previous experience in the implementation of mitigation projects and in the energy industries. Her academic background is in Sustainable Energy Engineering (MSc) and Industrial Engineering (BSc).


 Arturo Vallejo 

Climate Action Policy Advisor 

Arturo specializes in Environmental Law with experience in environmental, constitutional, contractual, administrative, and human rights law, and emphasis on climate policy and carbon markets. Multidisciplinary education, participation in international events, analytical ability to solve problems, consulting, teaching, negotiation, and litigation. Experience in the private sector strongly interacting with the public sector. Proactivity, teamwork, and people skills, embracing diverse perspectives. Environmental and social sense of the profession as a tool to generate changes through impact on individuals, society, and the planet. Expertise on the institutional and legal arrangement related to the carbon pricing mechanisms, the carbon markets, and Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

Paula Castillo

Climate Action Coordinator 

Oceanographer, specialized in Environmental Politics with experience in advocacy strategies and consultancy for international organizations for the protection of nature. Interested in cooperative approaches whereby carbon finance can be used to protect, conserve and fund blue carbon ecosystems, while providing for development opportunities for coastal communities. Initial experience in multilateral agreements and international events. She runs the coordination of the tasks necessary for the implementation of projects under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. She is keen on translating science into policy and new synergies across the Biodiversity and Climate Agendas.

Sebastián Hernández Cardenas

Climate Action Policy Assistant

Lawyer specialized in Environmental Policy, with experience coordinating the business opportunities stemming from Asia. Participation in energy efficiency projects through the Article 6 of the Paris Agreement in the framework of Sustainable Development Goal #13. Experience in multidisciplinary and results-driven teamwork. He is interested in the institutional partnerships to boost South to South cooperation.


  • Do I need to have some specific level to take this course?

    You will be able to benefit from this course even if you have no knowledge about the topic.

  • How can I get my Certification?

    You will receive your certification after you complete 100% of the course material.

  • Can I contact the course instructor?

    You can ask any question in the Discussion section that is available in every lesson and the instructor will get back to you as soon as possible.

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